How can I gain real followers on my real account

Hey guys,

I thought using Jarvee for doing follow/unfollow method on my own account. I don’t have a lot of post (30-40) these are mostly gym related. I do this sport since 10 years also my body is shredded :smiley:

What do you think can I build a real amount of followers. I have right now about 6k

I set up now to follow the follower of some fitness insta user (men) from my country with 500-1 Mio follower. I think these are mostly kids

Do you have some advice to get a high rate of people who follow back?


Hi @jason212

A lot of information already out there about what you are asking.

See some useful links below. Also feel free to search using any of the keywords (f/uf, follow/unfollow, jarvee, settings).

All the best!