Best settings for jarvee or followliker on instagram?

Hey guys so have been using Jarvee quiet recently and I am not quiet pleased with the results I have the followers at 700 a day unfollows at 700 and likes at 700. So I am curious what your settings are if they are higher or lower than mine ? and If I should go a bit more aggressive on the number because I haven’t been banned yet.


What are your results so far from those settings? How old is the account?

if youre getting good results - while not being greedy, why change?

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they are not great not what I expected, Well I am bassically promoting my products and I might have just chosen the wrong audince to target. So I am sure I need to change that first then I might bump the numbers for a couple of days and see what the outcomes is really


i predict its too soon to tell, keep at it a bit longer to gather some data, then pivot.

To sell, you shouldnt promote your products right off the bat. You need to establish trust in some way, so you need two things:

  1. make compelling, interesting posts about your products market to get some engagement
  2. Target those who are most interested in that area

Then repeat.


Don’t check your settings, check your sources.
If you go from 700 a day to 1,000 actions, it represents a risk for “only” 30% more.

If your conversion rate (people following you after you engage them) goes, let’s say from 10% to 20% because you focus on better sources, you will go from 2x70 followers a day to 2x140 a day (assuming it’s the same for Likes and F/UF which is probably wrong).

When botting, daily engagement will always be limited even if you try to play with the limits (and put your clients at risk). Focusing on making each of these engagements more useful is the key to grow as fast as possible thanks to botting.


As @LordSW said it is more about your targets.

I was able to get to an conversion rate of 45-50% in the travel niche.
I only use other accounts as targets. Hashtags and locations were super bad.

How I find the best accounts to target:

  1. I don’t pick super big accounts from my niche. Lets say up to 20-30k followers. Sometimes really small ones (5-10k). Of course you have to add new accounts then more often. The idea is that their followings are people who aren’t only after the super big accounts which are instafamous.

  2. Then I check their quality of content. I like to pick accounts thats content is worse than mine. The idea: If the people like their content, they will love my content.

  3. Then I check their engagement rate. Their needs to be at least 5% likes to followers, but better 10% or more. So you don’t follow/unfollows too many bots, which won’t follow back.

  4. Then I follow/unfollow only accounts with max. 600 followers and followings. The bigger one won’t care about your follow or don´t even notice it. And I skip business accounts of course.

  5. If you are able to check your conversion rate do it often. As well if your bot lets you have an eye on your skip rate (the amount of accounts that were not engaged because of max followers for example (see no. 4). If your skip rate is very high you are wasting a lot of time of the day just browsing through useless accounts. Don’t go with less than 20% actually approached account. The higher the better.

Thats my tactic right now getting a conversion rate between 45 and 50%, which think is very good. I do around 400 follows and unfollows a day and I end up with 150-200 new followers a day. Depending on how many people decided to unfollow me that day. I am currently sitting at 6k followers btw…

Hope that helps bro :v:t2:


Do you have any tools to help you find accounts with high engagement and a range of followers?

Thanks! I am testing this right now, seems pretty logical. A few questions, if you don’t mind.

  1. How should I search for potential accounts? Just do it by hand?
  2. How should I test which accounts work? Maybe put 1 account in for 1 day and see how it performs, then the next etc, and compare them?
  3. Is there any way we could keep in touch like in email? Mine is please hit me up

Do you have any screens of your configuration? To confront