How can I get a second Facebook account

How easy is it to get a second Facebook account? I know this topic has been covered before but it was from 2018. Have things changed?

I’ve been on Facebook since 2004 (I’m an OG) so I’ve cultivated a very personal connection to my friends and family.

Now I need to start posting a lot about my business on my personal feed so it looks good to people I target in Facebook groups. I don’t want to be spammy to my friends and family but I would like to have a public image of looking good to the business community.

Any suggestions?

Facebook allows you to set up separate business pages, but having multiple personal pages is TOS. So you shouldn’t have a problem setting up a page for the business.

So you just want a New Facebook Account ? How easy is that.Or did I misunderstand your Question?

I already have a business page. There’s more authenticity in a personal profile though.

Yes, I just want a second personal profile . Can it be done or will I get banned?

I have two personal accounts, and I never have any issue with it. If you’re worried about getting banned and want to have only one account, you can use the Friends list feature to manage your friends. Put all people you add from the target groups related to your business into a specific list, then choose to share your post only with them whenever you want to share about your business.


Great advice. Thanks. What happens if they are not my friend and want to take a look at my profile coming from a group? It will show all my public posts right?

Also, will all my public posts automatically be seen by everyone in my target groups?

Yes, everyone will be able to see your public posts.

Only your public posts will be visible to them.

This is what I figured. I’m going to need a second account.

Do I just sign up for one or do I buy here?

If you are afraid that your personal data will be visible to everyone, it will be easier for you to buy a new account.

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