How can I get my 50K back?

I have a catfish that takes all my pictures & stalks me everyday!! I tried emailing instagram so many times, and they don’t message me back! My catfish stalks me everyday and gets me disabled on every account I make!! please help me out??

Can you explain better? someone stole pic of yourself and publish them on his account?

How do they know if is you when you create new accounts, how do they get you disabled?

Had to google what catfish means but I am still not able to understand your problem. How does your catfish get your accounts disabled? What exactly is he doing?

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And what about the 50K :moneybag: ?

me too haha basically its a fake account

They’re hackers…the person hacked into my entire Iphone!! please watch out for the Instagram names “nsfw” they hack into people’s iPhones and get their instagram, photos, bank accounts,etc.!

They’ve made at least 20 instagram accounts of me, gets me deleted. I used to have a 50K, 20K, 10k and all of those accounts are gone!!

I can not select anymore screenshots, i’m new!!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or answers on how any of you got your instagram accounts back!’ thanks loves!! :heart::heart:

Sorry have no idea how they hack into your phone or what this is all about. If they are creating accounts using your phone would wipe it and start over. If your accounts are getting disabled you should be able to recover them, there are post here on how to get them back. Good Luck.

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How did they hack your iPhone?

Did you download something from them or what?

nsfw = not safe for work… I wonder what you were downloading lol