How can I get my Instagram account to the next level?

I have already 26.7k followers and good engagement (10%) but I wanna increase my engagement more. Plz suggest!

post good content
use fewer hashtags
engage with followers

maybe there would be 20 tips i could give you…


Could you explain why it is benificial to use fewer hashtags?
Thanks a lot man!

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10% is alreade very decent with that amount of followers. Whats the purpose of the account? Just for fun? Or getting clients/buyers?

Higher engagement doesnt always mean more clients/buyers. If you just want higher engagement just do all above an read more. If you want more clients/buyers your engagement is decent enough and you want to test more about what kind of posts/captions/hashtags are getting more $$$.

I dont care about 2% engagement if my sales are increasing with 15% instead of getting 15% engagement and getting no more sales then before.

Good lucks.