How can I get website traffic from my 2 big Instagram accounts?

Hello, so I have 2 big Instagram accounts (both nearly 30k followers) and all in the niche I want and no fake followers. So all followers are potential buyers. I haven’t used for 1 year them because I assume they were shadowbanned. I made stories and only 20 people clicked the story. Or I sent posts and had ridicolous 5-10 likes per post.

What can I do to get these 2 accounts running again?
My goal would be to auto-post, auto-follow (not many), auto like, auto DM without the risk of getting banned.

I just want to gain website traffic from these 2 accounts. Possiibly 40-50/day if possible.

What can I do?

I would rather do some manual actions on it, just to warm it up again a bit. Also, post about twice a day in order to increase the trust score of the account.

yes, some actions are what you need to do, you can start with the posting and comment liking then liking posts and following users until the account is warmed up correctly then you can increase day by day and see how it goes.

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and make sure the profile is set up correctly, you may want to update the profile photo and the bio so it looks more human