How can I grow my Facebook Group and Page

Hey Guys,

do you know how I can grow my Facebook group and page. I don’t want to buy follower because I don’t have reaction on the posts then.

  • Groups: I already invited all of my friends, how can I mobilize people to invite their friends to grow the group (to be honest, why should they invite lol)

  • Page: the Same, when my page is new, how can I grow it. For beginning buying follower to seem being a big page?

Thank you guys

Maybe they’ll do that only if you do a giveaway. lol I suggest you create multiple Facebook accounts, then start adding members of other groups that are in the same niche as friends. Once they become your friends, invite them to join your group. You can use Jarvee to automate these tasks.

Share your page post to groups that are in the same niche or use facebook ads.

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growing the page correctly depends on your content so if you want to grow your page quickly try to publish value or try to go viral, that will put you high on the Fb algo

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Also, if you are ready to spend some money, you can perhaps try boosting your posts. That is also one of the options.

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Run a 5-7 day challenge or something that you do exclusively inside the FB group.

If you have some sort of paid program, maybe you can take one basic aspect of it and spread it across 5 days and deliver the content in the group. After the challenge days, members have 2-3 extra days,then the content is removed. Creates scarcity to join and to act on the challenge.

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That sounds good @tripleyourtribe but what do you mean by

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Whats the group about? and do you offer any products or services related to it? What’s the business behind it?

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