How can I help a fellow business account?

I have been growing my main business account over the past year and it has attracted the attention of another business in my niche.

They are looking for a little bit of help running their IG page with the following objectives:

  1. Increase follower count
  2. Build a sense of community
  3. Convert followers to paid customers

Having never worked with anyone else’s account, let alone another business, I want to do this right.

Other than copying my ‘formula’ to their page, is there anything else I should be aware of? For those of you manging clients’ accounts - will I be safe to manually take actions on their account using my phone, or should I use a burner?

For clarity, I run sporting events and they aren’t a competitor. In fact, I’m very much of the opinion that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. I started my growth with manual F/UF, influencer engagement, hashtag research, and viral reposting alongside original content until I consistently hit explore. Then I dropped F/UF once it wasn’t needed.

Should not be a problem, yes. Why are you talking about a “burner account” ? If you plan on doing F/U with their account, they first need to know you’ll get their credentials, and they might get blocked sometimes. It’s part of the game

That’s good, thanks!

I guess that means I should have a good, frank discussion about how they want me to grow their account - I can give them the options with pros/cons and then let them have the final say.

By burner, I mean a phone not linked to my personal/business account, just in case that would cause problems if either of our accounts had issues. I’m not expecting them to, to be fair!

Yeah, an other device will always be better, ofc.

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