How can i make a fake account seems real?

Hi there!

I was thinking to create some new FB profiles, to help growing my new fb art page. But how can i make these accounts seems real? for example, do i have to put a profile image of a real person or no? and in this case, i have to ’ steal the identity’ from another profile, and this it’s somethin outlaw!!

Thank u for response. Bye should get you started.

Fill out your bio completely (schools, etc.). I usually use something like this for the profile pic initially, until the account gets a little age:


Like a few of the pages they suggest & configure MP account actions to auto like.

Find a few generic RSS feeds - news, quotes, whatever - and set up a campaign in MP.

Let the account cook for a while.


Follow @trolling4dollars advices and also check @euhero guide on how to warm your accounts up, he wrote a detailed guide on how to do that : How To Warmup Newly Created Facebook Accounts

Try to make your profile look as real as possible and try to do normal actions a real human being would do for 2 - 4 weeks.

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so you suggest to take an old paint as a profile photo ?

@artsoffame for my fake account, I used an avatar just like the one I’m using here…and it’s still doing fine :slight_smile:

It’s what I do.

Problem with using a “real” photo, at least initially, is that Facebook may require you to prove you’re that person. Seems they often flag my new accounts as soon as I add a “real” picture. So, I stopped doing that & add one of those public domain paintings.

After a few months, I go back & add a real person’s photo.

solution is here brow : use this website : it give you picture of person dosen’t exict in reallty .

Nice site, this is crazy useful for child accounts!

Doesn’t work, facebook detects it :slight_smile:

Hey all, for the profiles I usually manually set them up using localised places etc

Photos I go to random countries and go friends of friends of friends then locate a group photo, zoom in on someone in there then edit it to Black & White, rotate slightly and works well. To help with the “send us a photo of yourself” I look through said strangers pics, zoom in rotate etc and get 4-5 pics per profile. So far so good…

Hope that helps?