How can I make money with a 1,2 Million Likes Facebook Page

Hello guys,

I would like to ask if anyone has an idea how I can make money with a facebook page with more than 1,2M likes. I earned a lot with mylikes and pages like that but the site is down.

Anyone knows a similar page or another methode?

Thank You

Where your audience comes from?
What is it about?

Give us more info so we can provide you better tips :slight_smile:

FB Page owners usually monetize their pages by creating websites and using google adsense or Facebook Instant Articles with Audience Network

In both cases, you need a website.

There are other options, but it really depends on page’s niche, so, let us know what is it about.


Thank you for the answer. The most of them are from the USA. I post funny content like memes.

So I need a website and create content there.

Yeah, but keep in mind that your links won’t have reach like your images do.
You’ll have to mix it, couple of images, then one link to website and so on.

Good thing is they’re from USA since adsense pays most for USA clicks.
Bad thing is, it’s meme page, people use it for fun only… but you’ll still get visits to your site. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll even bypass 9gag :slight_smile: just try and see how it goes.

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Hi @Alb65
please kindly check your inbox, I can offer a method for you!

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Please dm me with the link of page and we can collab.

Can I be offered the same thing too? I have a 1.8m page with no monetization whatsoever.

I too have a good page with no profits from it!