How can i make my website link priview look bigger?


when i publish my website, some times i am getting nice privew with big image that i can see that gets more likes.
but sometimes i getting other preview that have the image on the side .


How i want it to look

how it really looks

You need to use OG tags. Put this code in your of your website and add your image to the code. Make sure your image is 1200x630 pixels or 600x315 pixels.

i see, theres no option to plugin that will make all my images on that size? becous i already have 500 posts …

thanks you, but that not work on wordpress.
i was trying all day most of the resize plugins, but they dont seems to work

For Open-graph (og tags)
If you have yoast
If you don’t

I would bulk resize your images outside of your website then upload, I use photoscape as a program, here’s the how-to it’s free as well.