How can i manually manage DMs of multiple Instagram accounts effectively?

Hi, i have about 50 Instagram accounts that sell my service.

There are 3-4 new coming messages (in the form of sb wants to send you a new message) every day on each account.

But the problem is that i can’t reply fast enough. My service requires manual DM reply.

How can i effectively manage and reply to DMs of all my account? Is there a way that i can reply to all DMs from one place, without any delays. Thank you.

Have you ever tried Global Tool → DM Direct Messgages on Jarvee?




Yeah good tips from Gaevintt and Derdam. That’s a very good and practical tool when you’ve got multiple accounts and you want to answer to DMs easily.


Thank you. I have tried Global Tool but there is a delay between messages. I have to refresh to see new messages coming. It’s a bit inconvenient when i have to close sale fast. I’m looking for a way to manage messages form multiple accounts without any delays.

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Thank you. I have tried this but it’s a bit inconvenient when i have to refresh to see new messages coming. I’m looking for a tool functioning exactly like IG message function (with fast response time and notification when new messages come or “someone wants to send you a new message”. But for multiple accounts. Thank you.

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Thank you. Is there a better tool to manage DMs because i have to reply and have long conversations with my clients without any delays between messages.

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Hey did you ever find a solution this this?

I’ve read jarvee and Facebook business suite, I haven’t tried FB yet but I have tried Jarvee and it’s a bit slow.