How can I monetize my 60k soccer instagram page?

I love football/soccer and i decided to create a page about it. I post videos and i have 60k followers with 20% engagement rate.

The problem is i hhavent been making money from it. Only a bit from 15€ shoutouts (is that too expensive?) but not much (havent sold a shoutout in 2 weeks).

How do I monetize it?

Or should i try to get clients to grow their accounts? Rn I’ve grown mine to 60k in 5 months

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Start a dropshipping store and sell soccer related shirts and products.


how did you do that in 5 months 60k Followers ?

Definitely not too expensive for a 60k account with 20% engagement!

Like @Connor_Lipke said to start a dropshipping store or use a CPC Affiliate programme!

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do some research on matched betting. There are some nice offers on tools for that.You can share nice offers on ig to get attention for this.

years ago i made some nice cash with this. back then i used rebelbetting software. you can promoto so many gambling offers…

i started because of this blog:

seems all bla bla, but trust me, i made some $$$$ with it in 2 months


Really great.
How did you grow so fast?