How can I post on social media - without having It on my phone?

question! i use social media for work - but this come with the addiction.

ill need to post stories, posts(tiktok, ig and FB)

how can I do this without the apps on my phone? there has to be a way. any feedback would be helpful

Use something like this that schedules and posts for you by connecting your accounts to it first:

Search for “social media schedulers” or planners.

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He wants something with stories thats safe? Do you know any?

You can use Jarvee to post to IG and FB. Get your free 5-day trial from JARVEE - Social Media Posting and Automation

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This quote is from Later’s FAQ about their plans to give you some background info on auto publishing in general as wel:

Auto Publish is available for Instagram business profiles, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest! Instagram single image and video posts can be planned, scheduled, and automatically published for you.

Due to limitations with Instagram’s API, Multi-Photo (carousel) posts and Instagram Stories can be scheduled, but not auto published. Instead, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone at the time the post is set to go live so you can publish straight away. We call this notification publishing.

TikTok profiles and Instagram personal and creator profiles also use notification publishing.

So that means you’ll need the app on your phone to use those services.

Else, use jarvee as mentioned above to not require the app on your phone.

Good luck.