How can I put a clickable link in tiktok somewhere

Hey guys,

is there anyway to add a link to tiktok? for my landing page. I dont only want to add the link as text in videos.


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If there would be such a thing everyone would be spamming tiktok right now :slight_smile: No you cannot, however they are playing with the idea of allowing a clickable url and testing this on some accounts. So this feature will come for everyone at some point I guess.


You can put it in your bio and I’m starting to think everyone gets it at 1k since recently.

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That would be great, 1k is reasonable to achieve…

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Haha with TikTok, that’s like one video :wink:

You need to agree to become a beta tester in your app settings, then update the app and you might get the option for a link in your bio.

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Not sure if you solved this but if you switch your account to a business one you can add a link to your profile.