How can I schedule tweets?


It’s simple. I just want to know how to schedule my tweets. I don’t find the option to do.

And… what’s happening with twitter? Everyone is alarmed that they are very strict.

I’m scared I can not make a good marketing strategy.

Thanks to all!

I’m not sure what are you trying achieve, but this is second time you’re promoting other services/products/competition here. Please don’t do that.

I believe user wants to know how to schedule tweets inside Mass Planner

@aitorflo you can use campaigns in this purpose.

Create destination list with your Twitter account (and it’s wall - last checkbox on the right).

Create new Standard campaign, add your destination list to it, in What to publish tab add your posts (tweets) and start the campaign.

You can check these video tutorials:

Creating Destination List

Creating Standard campaing

Adding posts to Campaigns

There’s other useful tutorials here:


Thanks Adnan! This looks very usefull! I’m gonna try!

You know for some twitter safe settings?