How can I share as a Facebook Business Page to a facebook group Using JARVEE?

Hi, Some people pretend that you can share a post as a Facebook business page on a Facebook group with Jarvee. Is this possible with Jarvee?

I tried everything! I have manually joined in groups As a business page, because Jarvee can’t see the new groups from Facebook Business Page. I’ve tried to add the groups into Jarvee by using the option ADD PAGE/GROUP/Album. Then I selected the groups in the destination lists and starting the campaign, but is not working.

My questions are:

  1. Can I join automated using Jarvee in Facebook groups as a business page?
  2. Can I Share automated using Jarvee a post on Facebook groups as a business page?

Thank you!

Jarvee doesn’t support joining groups as page and posting to groups as page yet. I’d suggest you send the support a feature request. I sent a request for those features a while ago. I’m still waiting for those features to be implemented.

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Hey bro I am new to jarvee…I have two questions for you…Can I use 100 plus Facebook Accounts in jarvee using static proxies And 2nd question is can I share to all the groups that have been already joined on those Accounts…Its very important for me cause I already manage many big groups as a Admin but I need more groups to share my content.

yes, you can use even more than that you just need a powerful machine and you will be good to go, make sure to use a low number of accounts per proxy.

Yes, you can use a campaign within Jarvee to publish to your groups.

Brother I have a Pc with Rtx 3080 and Core i7 8700k…hope its enough…I have given a trial with jarvee but when I re open the jurvee software I need to login all over again…And I also tried Socianator with Facebook Proxies from Stormproxies and choosing of FB Accounts All were Aged and Disabled back IDs but still they are getting Blocked.

Are you saying the accounts have invalid credentials when you open Jarvee? Are the accounts logged out on the embedded browser?

You could get blocked when you log in to a FB account for the first time using a proxy which has a different location from the location where the account was created.

Yes I got blocked and then I just solve that but after 2 to 3 hours when I enter the account from Automation browser it disables

It should work fine.

do you mean after shuting down your computer you need to re-login when you start again?

Yes I just the app not the pc and then after 2 hours it got all the ids Locked…

Are you using jarvee or socianator and my proxies were from 3 different location…Local Ip , japan and USA

Do you post to many FB groups on each FB account?

if your account often fails to remain logged in on the embedded browser, you should check this option in advanced settings:

then reverify the account. As for FB

I didnt post yet by jarvee…is it ok to use different locations proxies

I’m using Jarvee for automation, what do you mean by different locations you mean different than where the account was created or accessed, or do you mean you are using proxies from different locations on the same account?

Yes I am from Bangladesh And using proxies of Japan and USA from Storm Proxies.