How can I share as a Facebook Business Page to a facebook group Using JARVEE?

Hi, Some people pretend that you can share a post as a Facebook business page on a Facebook group with Jarvee. Is this possible with Jarvee?

I tried everything! I have manually joined in groups As a business page, because Jarvee can’t see the new groups from Facebook Business Page. I’ve tried to add the groups into Jarvee by using the option ADD PAGE/GROUP/Album. Then I selected the groups in the destination lists and starting the campaign, but is not working.

My questions are:

  1. Can I join automated using Jarvee in Facebook groups as a business page?
  2. Can I Share automated using Jarvee a post on Facebook groups as a business page?

Thank you!

Jarvee doesn’t support joining groups as page and posting to groups as page yet. I’d suggest you send the support a feature request. I sent a request for those features a while ago. I’m still waiting for those features to be implemented.

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