How can I transfer from Mega to Drive ? 🤔

How can I transfer my videos from Mega (Downloaded Videos) to drive ? :man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t understand. You want to transfer videos you downloaded from the website to your drive? Well just download and move them.

Or are you referring to Google Drive?

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I downloaded a video in Mega for offline mode.
And now the link isn’t working.
That’s why I’m trying to transfer the downloaded video to google drive, so I can share the link.

Sorry for my bad English :sweat_smile:

Okay so what you’re saying is that you have the files stored on your offline drive?

Well to move them to google drive, you’ll need to first login. I recommend you create a folder to organize your files. Everyone is eligible to upload files up to 15gb of data, afterwards you’ll need to pay monthly/yearly.

If you’re already logged in then this link will direct you to the right place:
Google Drive
To move the files, just drag them from your PC over onto the browser and into the respected field.
To share the link, you’ll need to right click and select “Get shareable link”. That can then be sent over to anyone you want.

No :sweat_smile:
I got the videos on Mega offline mode and i want to transfer it to drive.

I don’t really understand what you need to do, please try to explain it in simple words, with simple points.

I think that only way is to download fro GD and reupload to Mega

from you computer :smiley:

you just have to download and reupload

Use multcloud at for transferring files from Mega to Google drive

If it’s not too sensitive data, I could re-upload them if you’d like.

Buy Mega Pro Lite Plan for $5, 5TB External Hard Drive, and just download to you external hard drive. Than you can upload to Google Drive too.