How can i use my router for proxy?

Hi guys. I have 4g connection with huawei router. How can i use my ip as a proxy?

here is my router interface. Can someone help me please?

You need proxy software on a computer, cproxy is one which is easy to install.

You need port redirection from the router to send the port to the computer with the proxy.

If you don’t have a fixed IP address then you need a free account from, you then tell your router to update wherever the IP changes. DDNS

but is my computer has to stay open all the time? Or is there any tutorial for it?

Yes your computer would need to be left on.

cant i just use my router as a vpn or something without needed my computer?

Yes you could the VPN would mean you’re on your home network all your traffic would be from home. You would still need DDNS setup for VPN.

i couldnt find any tutorial for it :frowning:

Turn on VPN. Get a free account from then Put your account info into the DDNS router settings. Then on the machine you want to connect into, in network settings setup VPN to connect to your router :+1:

YouTube vpn router setup tutorial

You could also install dd-wrt software on your router, if supports it and then run vpn directly on your router

I have huawei router and most of the tutorials for tplink

B525s-23a Huawei (My router doesnt fit for ddwrt )

is there anyone know about that?

I have Huawei HG255s router. I want to use my ip on jarvee