How can this account survive so long?

This is not the first time I see an account like that on Instagram. There where a lot of heavy violent pages, where people get murdered and stuff like that. Accounts like that I straight up flag them, because I have little brothers (age 1-10) and this is not funny anymore. My main question is, as I am here in this forum and see people reporting their accounts get banned for little spammy action in comparison to this: How can accounts like that survive for +1 year?? That is something I don’t understand :smiley:

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That is a very good question. It does not make sense.

So we get banned for making CPA pages but then someone posts porn and keeps their account up for 1+ year. Does not make sense to me lol.

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Exactly! :joy:

Well, that account doesn’t show nudity… What’s the problem?

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Copyright and / or trademark infringement…

Likely its just a matter of time. There are many / tiktok accounts and likely they take care of the biggest ones at first. But yes, your question is good.

Likely if enough people here report this account, it will be gone fast. And I am pretty sure some people here have already made some alliances or their own armada to take competitors down. :slightly_smiling_face: And it will happen more often in future…

I understand what you mean. Dont know how many acc.s you have, if not many, maybe you can make some alliances with others to get such acc.s banned. #Peace

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Its not nudity but its clearly a part of a porn. Is that allowed from the ToS of Insta?

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Definitely not.

Sometimes such acc.s are surviving really long, event 29 days is astonishing:

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Copyright was not what I’m talking about. Tik Tok / Musically accounts are allowed as long as they give credits to the creator. So no problems with that. But problems with little kids, as there are many these days on the gram, watching sexual stuff long time before they reach puberty.

Okay, I see. Still, even the name TIKTOK is likely not allowed. I mean we can also not start SONY-, APPLE- or Mark Fuckerberg-accounts, can we?!

I was wrong, yes, we can:



With the name you are actually right, it can be that they watch out for that but a page based on tik tok videos is definitely okay. In the end of the day it’s all promo for tik tok and they are booming af. They are on #2 behind Instagram at the most popular apps.

What layout is that actually… 3 years later haha :joy: Looks not like Instagram or Jarvee, etc. :thinking:

It doesnt have any link on his bio, low followers so it staying below the radar but trust me, if you report the account today, tomorrow it will be banned.

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Yeah I know. I just asked myself why nobody reported it already… until now! One month later :joy:

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People are getting randomly accounts disabled these days and this account is still alive haha

Sure, its inactive but still…

hahah I had accounts like that before, they grow really fast but they all got banned lol