How can you use part of song not on tiktok music?

Hi, often times the part of the song I want to use is not in the tiktok 30 or 15 sec but way after.

I tried l manually recording part of the song I actually want to use then privating the video. Then I create a new video and use that audio… But I don’t know what happens if I publish.

Will my audio get taken down and the video be silent if I do this?

that depends on how TikTok is considering that song, if they see it as a copyrighted violation they will take it down. Anyway, you can test that with a dummy account and see how it goes.

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Just curious… Do you use only 5 hashtags on your post by chance?. Conflicting information

Some viral posts on Tiktok have more than 5 hashtags. You don’t have to limit the number of hashtags to 5. If you publish more than 1 post per day, try to not use the exact same set of hashtags to avoid getting shadowbanned.

3 hashtags at max, how many do you use? and have you tried to use a part of a song?