How dead is twitter right now [1 to 10]

Just thought I would hear some feedback before I invest my time and energy into it.

  1. Not dead. Trump certainly revived it, but so did real time news and IG/FB privacy issues. It’s a fickle beast at times, so you need to ask yourself what your social media goals are.

And I don’t recommend botting the main page. Use slaves and the social exchange for better traction.


I agree not dead, re-tweeting the main account`s tweets has a massive reach!


@Smylie Hit it on the head in another post. Twitter is “noisy”. The half life of a post varies depending on who you believe. If you have a viral post like:


You certainly are going to get a post that has a very long life. But viral posts are difficult. You can trend though with some skill and a hundred or so accounts if you do it right.


what kind of monetization are people doing with twitter? just curious, have never really used the platform

It’s like any other platform. Except that it’s very adult friendly. Porn isn’t as big an issue as FB/ IG.

But twitter users can spot a bad account a mile away. Use good content and you’ll be fine.

Before I knew automation was a thing I had a banging twitter with 10k very engaged followers. I was getting paid $20 per tweet per client. But as @daverawcus mentioned it’s very niche specific. You can try spamming all to heck and widely and you’ll just end up frustrated.

Make a twitter and just play with it. The ratio to regular tweets vs promo tweets has changed, and I’ve been out of it for almost 4 years, so it’s something I’m relearning as well.

iirc it’s something like 10 normal tweets to 1 promo tweet. But that’s going to have a ton of variables.

The demographic has shifted so check new demographics for your niche before you decide to get in the water.

Used to be IG was 16-30 FB was 20-45 and twitter was 30-60 or something like that. So you need to do some research first.

EDIT: And there is a ton of free or cheap tools and analytics for Twitter. I recommend using both platforms but that’s me.


Every time I read your replies I get tons of value, thanks a lot man


Its funny, no one uses twitter here in sweden. Are there any swedes here in mpsocial? just curious.

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Twitter went to poo poo when everyone who tweetdecked their stuff got perma banned

I even got perma banned and I only used twitter to browse memes

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Which one do you think is more viable in the future? IG is going down the dark path that FB went down.

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My twitter got suspended because I reverted my birthday to my real age.

I guess if you are a biz and having some sort of presence on Twitter is great as it’s better to have none but if the demographic is of 30+ and they happen to be the spenders demographic so I think it’s more about fitting the right content to the right audience.

How do you do M/S on Twitter. I am looking to set this up to further my personal brand as I had good results with slaves on instagram, but for Twitter, no one is talking about this and it seems like no one is doing it.

Is it similar that you set up fanpages, or do you set up regular looking users? And what do they do, only retweets?


Not dead yet :slight_smile:

it is not dead at all (for us)

For me it’s not even dead at all

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Not dead. If you’re in tweetdeck groups or follow the individuals I talk to., they’re killing it right now on Twitter.

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I have not used it for years.
I made a new account, followed like 200 people in two days, got 50 back, and I have 10 DM’s of people interested in my product.

I am extremely surprised, never gotten people ask me for products on IG and I have 12k followers on each account. :S

Definitely not dead. It’s the biggest driver of traffic to my site.

Is jarvee okey for the twitter or we need another automation tools?