How deep is your spintax when messaging to followers?

I wish to start sending private messages to new followers to check out my website, i’m very careful with automatic messages/comments as it’s one really gray area when it comes to showing off your footprints.

It seems to me from a {developer’s|cyber security guy} point of view, I would get suspicious if I could spot a massive spintax (a different message to each user), rather than a generic copy-pasted message to my new followers. It seems more appropriate to me to send 3-5 different message possibilities in total and just send these ones.

I believe therefore using a massive spintax in messages is a dead bot giveaway… No human on earth would think to write the same message differently again and again without some basic copy pasting.

So I believe it’s good for comments, but not for messaging.

Your thoughts on this?

Let’s hear them.:sunglasses:

One of my first accounts is a Dutch IG account for a furniture business, got it too 5K and they all have received the exact same message without any problem

I don’t really think the welcome message is something that IG is really looking hard into right now, but normally i would do some embedded spinning but i would not over do it as the message often look like shit

This might peak your interest

Thanks, that doesn’t quite answer my question but that’s a good resource.