How did my emails leak?

So, i know we’re in IM, email marketing (spamming) is not that unusual. But talk about how the hell did my emails get leaked and people started to spam me?

First thing came to my mind. I had a friend work at groupon. He has access to the entire email DB. Why does he have the access when he really isn’t involed, i don’t know.

So, while chatting about ways to make money, he told me, hey i have a shit ton of emails, i’m gonna sell them.

Well, that’s /one/ of the reasons.

Secondly, they perhaps have campaigns that says “sign up your friends and get xx discount”. Never really seen these.

Anyway, rant over. Just freaking annoyed these list end up in spam and i have to clear it every single day.

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What do you mean? E-mail from bio or other? I see an increase in spam from people scraping email from a main bio, super annoying and way against spam rules. Your friend that works at groupon can get in serious hot water for that shit.

Local ecommerce stores. I know it’s definitely targeted list because it’s local ecomm. I don’t sign up for everything, and it’s easy to know if it’s random spam. At some point, i know some shady sites leaked the emails, be it hosting or what not. I signed up for some PTP stuff so i know those are defnitely leaked or sold.

But this is clearly indentifiable targeted list.

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Strange that your friend has access to the Email DB even though he is not working with it.

I would have thought they would have had some type of DBS in place to give set employees a certain amount of authority over the DB.

I guess businesses really value their email list it’s like an asset to them imo, I guess now it makes sense why they pay networks for affiliates to promote their email sign up offers :slight_smile:

Edit: The worst email list to be on is Tai Lopez’s he does not give about any basic EM techniques and will spam the shit out of you :joy:

I know that people can grab a list and run solo ads meaning they swap lists with someone else that give offers. They can do daily swaps so you will be getting hit. Or you could be in a spam trap. I got those before its very wierd just constant emails from the people in my list telling me to click something but I never click it.

You are watched all the time my friend. They know everything about you. This world has become corrupt and evil. That’s why I’m on a mission to find the door and return to the right universe. We were truly free and happy there.

I promise to share my research and discoveries once I found out.

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Just another random update, this time i got a spam marketing email from one of the forum’s service (not this one). The email was never registered for any of those kind, and it was kept very private, only a few important trusted services was used.

But how the hell did it end up in a targeted email list? These so called trusted service sold my email. Oh and, they even identified me by my real name, which also means the name that somehow i used for signing up for important stuffs that must use accurate info.

What a world we live in.

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It could be a spam trap or the guy is doing serious ad swaps with your email.