How did removal of likes effect you?

If you live in one of the areas that the likes are removed, how did it effect you and your account?
Hey folks – THIS IS ONLY FOR ONES WHO GOT IT REMOVED!!, there are plenty of other threads about the pros and cons.

zero fucks given (my personal approach)

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i asked for those who got likes removed, not personal opinions

i got likes removed, i still have 2 legs and and life goes on


how did it effect your account?

I’m from canada, removal of likes didn’t affect anything as the people who needed to see those analytics can find it off any site such as igblade or socialblade

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You know what’s going on!

Did it affect the Targeting (scraping) of Accounts who interact (like/comment) other accounts?

Have you noticed a drop in engagement? Because it would mean we need to adapt and/or change our way to reach the top in Hashtags

I think it’s more the question if your followers are from one of the countries with hidden likes, how did it affect your account? For me personally even when I was in countries with hidden likes, my followers were from other countries so they could still see likes and it didn’t make much difference. However I did notice that a lot of the people living in the countries with hidden likes didn’t even realize they were hidden. Speaking of general public, not influencers or people focused on social media.