How did you do with caption

i Assume that the majority of you use repost tool for IG
but how did you do with caption
event if i use spintax if i have like 50 accts i will creat spintax for each acct ?
what i will write in all these spintax :persevere:

Yup. I mean, you could use the same spintax for each account, but it’s probably better to use something unique.

I find quotes to be good. I’ll find 50 or so quotes relating to the niche of the account & create spin from them.


See what other accounts in your niche have some. Collect the best. Add a few of your own. As you write the spintax, more ideas will come. Ask your friend / family member / neighbour to re-write a few of the phrases and you’ll have more than you need.

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thank you sir