How did you guys go about learning Facebook Ads?

Right, this might sound a little dumb but did you guys spend money on your own products and services to learn Facebook advertising? How else can you learn Facebook Advertising? I can sit and learn about it but I wouldn’t how to apply any of it…

It’s just a matter of trying. And probably you will lose money in the beginning.

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Watching videos, reading courses… it will help a little bit, but as @dimitri said, you gotta start actually doing it, lose some money along the way until you find your winning combo.


What should I look to advertise that won’t cost me a fortune?

You want to learn how to advertise, but you do not have a product ?

You can try to sell something you do not have. As long as people do not pay for your non-existing product it’s ok.

I sometimes test funnels like that. I advertise, give people the chance to register. But they will not receive anything. But it is a way to test your ad and the demand for a product.

The biggest mistake I made in the beginning was concentrating too much on FB settings. My experience is that the ad, your idea, the product or service you try to sell contribute more than perfect ad settings.

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Gabriel St-Germain on youtube is the best

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Courses. Lots and lots of courses :rofl: