How dirty are your proxies? Test here

I have found that my Instantproxies are 0.8 score which is bad.

The lower the number between 0 and 1, the better.


It says that a score of 1 means that it is bad or a VPN or a proxy, so its just a checker to see if the IP is detected as a proxy? Wouldnt all datacenter proxies show up as a 1?

Instantproxies is 0,8 which is datacenter.

I have found some public ipv4 proxies that are even better, some at 0,4 :thinking:

My home residental proxy is 0,7 but its probably more trusted for IG than a 0,4 public datacenter proxy.

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My Home residential shows as a 0 but I can’t create Instagram accounts at all on it:hushed:


I even tried a few high quality mobile proxies and then were .99. Not sure how accurate this is or what they are actually testing for? Is the 0 - 1 scale on how they are with instagram? with what sites? If proxies only allow usage on certain websites like Instagram, then its probably gonna show as a 1 on that website because they wont be able to connect to it.

I tried with my own proxies, got 0.2 as result. It’s good I guess, but I don’t know what they’re testing.

A crappy proxy from khazakhstan highly spammed got 0.99 and a good proxy got 1?
What are they testing, random number generator?


" How It Works
Given an IP address, the system will return a probabilistic value (between a value of 0 and 1) of how likely the IP is a VPN / proxy / hosting / bad IP. A value of 1 means that IP is explicitly banned (a web host, VPN, or TOR node) by our dynamic lists. Otherwise, the output will return a real number value between 0 and 1, of how likely the IP is bad / VPN / proxy, which is inferred through machine learning & probability theory techniques using dynamic checks with large datasets. Billions of new records are parsed each month to ensure the datasets have the latest information and old records automatically expire. The system is designed to be efficient, fast, simple, and accurate."

It gives a good idea how private the proxies are and it’s useful for me. However I wouldn’t rely on it 100%.

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Only Insta know that not a ip tester


Agreed on that haha, sometimes it’s even random, bad ipv6 can work better than expensive residential one lol

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If you test residential/moile proxies, be sure you are testing the random ip assigned, not the main Server ip.

Here is another good tool you can use


awesome thansk a lot man!

Spoil sports… why not take the chance to sell a proxy washer? :joy:


This is highly amusing. Getting a value of 1 on a high quality proxy (from a trusted provider) and they say that it’s explicitly banned :joy:

So I just tested this and my mobile phone ip got 0, but my home ip 0.99235 ?

Is this have any reference to Instagram at all or affect it in any way?

My Home IP Got 0.15

Can’t test proxy since its username / pw protected

how many have u created already is my question?

Not really accurate, stay away

this one is pretty accurate actually .

Have no idea how its working. But checked just for fun and got:

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