How do accounts get 200+ comment likes?

How are accounts on Instagram getting over 200 likes on their comments and then appearing at the top of the comments section? Is there a bot for this? Or are they buying them?

Yes, there’s a bot for that. You can use Jarvee like comments tool to like comments based on comment ID. The Instagram Like Comments Tool - Jarvee

You will need to run hundreds IG accounts in Jarvee to get hundreds likes on your comment.

Ahhh okay that makes sense. Thank you

Buy comment likes on smm panels. You pick the comment you want likes on and the panel can deliver as many likes as you want on that specific comment or comments you may be interested in.

Can you suggest which panel provides that as a service?

I can deliver gender likes and comments

There’s also engagement groups that you can join. Get real users to reply.

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yes off course, you can eiter buy them or use bots like Jarvee to do that, but that depends on what are you trying to achive exactly.

I wouldn’t recommend buying fake likes because that can hurt your account’s trust score and engagement in the future. Better to go with Jarvee’s tools.

We’re referring to likes on a comment of a trending post, not likes on our accounts’ posts. Or at least that’s what I inferred was being asked idk lol.

Seconding @heroeslair’s suggestion, you can use the Engagement Groups tool and you can learn more about it via Global Tools - IG Engagement Groups - Jarvee