How do I create a supergroup on Telegram?


Hello guys
I want to create an engagement group on telegram for the fitness niche.
Does anyone of you know how upgrade a normal group to a supergroup? I want to create a bot for this group and a supergroup is required for putting that bot in place. I already researched in the internet, but the interface of my group settings looks different to the others Ive seen. Why?


You should be able to put a bot in a regular group I did this like two weeks ago. You just find a bot you want and follow the instructions of the bot and it tell you how to setup your group. Pm and I can link you to the bot I’m using or I can link it here if anyone else wants to know but you can use any bot there’s tons of them that people have created or you can make your own


Thank you :slight_smile
I would appreciate that
I tried few ones but I didnt managed to get them worked

#4 I’ve had 0 problems with this one so far and the instructions were very easy to follow


Thank you :slight_smile:
So this is tailored for engagement groups already?
Very good stuff


Yep, Just start a chat with it and it will tell you everything you need to know!


Yes I installed it and it worked finally thank you
So you send the commands for the bot (welcome message, …) in the private chat with bot or group?


I don’t remember exactly but the directions will tell you where to put commands, I followed them completely and had zero problems with the bot and setup and if you have any problems the creator is very responsive with any support questions


Have you guys found Any quality services to add users to the group? I invested some time in a group a while back but I’d love more users in the group


What niche is your account(s) in? When you’re in the fitness niche I will add you to mine :slight_smile:
Otherwise I would recommend you to send DMs to other accounts in your niche. Its really about that networking. In the next 7 days my goal is to contact about 700-800 people in my niche.
I already talked to some people and the result was far beyond just new user in the engagement group: We exchanged a lot of useful information about our niche. Go for it!