How do I get Facebook page message notifications on my phone?

People are messaging me on my FB page and I dont see the notifications on my phone. I only see them when I go on my browser. Is there a way to turn on notifications when I receive a message on my phone or on messenger? Help PLEASE

Check your page notification settings and your Facebook notification settings as well, see if there’s something you can change to start getting notifications. I never tried it but it’s worth checking out.

Download Facebook Page Manager app. You’ll get notifications about everything on all your pages.


Facebook Page Manager app is the way to go! If your verified i would recommend using the Facebook Mention app for public figure and verified people it allows you to interact around Facebook as your Verified Fan Page but there’s nothing like the Facebook Page Manager app like Adnan said it let you get notification from all your Page’s at the same time and you can answer message for all those Page’s you manage as well.

Good Luck!

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got it! thanks!

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