How do i get views on my instagram reels account?

hi i have been posting my tik toks to an ig account i made for reels bc i dont want them on my main account but they are getting 0 views and idk what to do

Hi and welcome to MPsocial!
What’s your setup? Settings?

i just post on instagram

Are you planning on using or any other software? Otherwise keep posting regularly a few times a day, every day and do some natural actions (likes, follows, DMs, comments),from an android / iPhone with a SIM card. Also, try to only have one account on your IG App.

Also, make sure your content isn’t getting shadowbanned due to Meta ToS. In that case anyway, you would receive a warning shortly after. It can be a reason why you have a 0 reach on those.

Otherwise, competition is tough, so try to get creative with an outreach process that works. It takes time and dedication, but everyone can manage to get up there :+1: