How do I grow a group?

How do I grow my group by mass posting without a ban? like how many adds before a x long break etc etc?

Do you mean you want to add members to a group or join more groups?

If you want to grow your groups then I would suggest using the invite tool and invite all of your friends there. I have about 10+ accounts and added all there friends in 1 group, that means I have at least 40k members on my group.

If you want to add more groups then I would suggest using the default setting of the joiner tab. Don’t go too fast as you will still be waiting for the admin to approve your join request so there’s really no reason why you should join more than 50+ groups per day.


Yes, thank you. Could you also tell me how many x seconds I should wait between x operations, and how many friends to add per x accounts per x operation, please.

I would suggest using the default settings. I have been using this tool for almost 2 years and I haven’t changed the default settings for joiner and invite tool since.

Question, I took advice from this forum and created a group from my personal account. I added some of my friends that i thought would benefit from the group. I have since joined a similar group relative to mine i wanted to go through that list of members and add them as a friend then invite them to my group. Is there an amount FB will only allow you to add friend request too?