How do I revive my engagment?!

I got an account with 14k followers in the fashion niche but Im barely getting 100-300 likes per post and stories are just aweful, like 100-150 views per story.

How on earth can I get my followers back to engage with me?

The 7 days profile visit is really inconsistent as well, from 800-4000…

Either manually or with Jarvee.

Id love to

  1. Remove ghost followers/bad followers from brazil (the account had panel followers when I started it as a noob lol).

  2. Make my audience engage with my content again.

  3. More story views (I guess my account is being pushed to the far right for my followers)



You can run a giveaway! That’s been working for me. I use to host my giveaways.


Would that re engage My audience?

I feel like my followers are not seeing my posts/stories.

Im getting No DMs
Almost no comments

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If you do it right it would get you new engaging followers. What are your analytics looking like? And have you run ads on the page? There are a lot of threads on here saying that people are seeing a drop in engagement after running ads because Instagram is forcing you to run more ads lol

I used to run some ads for dropshipping products.

What analytics you mean?
The account just seems dead but somehow growing 5-25 followers daily but engagement is pure shit

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Instagram analytics? Is this a business page?

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Yupp it is. Not sure what to look for tho?

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Check to see how many of your impressions are from followers vs. non-followers

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And do you also do story posts? I find that it helps if you repost your photo as a story and put a big sticker on it that says tap here covering the post

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Do you mean on each post or in the insights of the whole account?

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Yupp but my stories barely get any views… Meanwhile my other account with 14k followers gets 1-2k easy even if I post Crap stories lol

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Did you grow them both organically?

Both used F/UF.
But as I Said the bad one started off with a bunch of panel followers, I can see it in my audience insights ”from brazil”.

I want to get rid of those

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Hit me up on telegram I’ll help you out. Link in my profile bio

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If you are really really desperate, then giveaways, discount coupons, user-generated content competitions, 1st/10th/100th like/comment/share gifts are gives a reasonable boost to engagement. Question posts help too.

You can get them back to engage with you by using relevant hashtags and using unique content trust me those 2 are the keys I have an instagram account with only 4k followers and gets around 5k likes per photo.

The more active you are on Instagram the better chances those followers will engage with you more.

If I were you though I would try to build organic engagement with new followers in your niche. The best way I have found, especially after this whole new Instagram change is using getting back up on the explore page with good old fashion Powerlikes.

This way your account gets revived by new individuals. Possibly your already current followers start to see you on the explore page more and they end of re-engaging your account more.

Only issue with this is finding a good reputable powerlike supplier. I have had good success with one of them the past few months. Excited to see what I can do with it for the months to come.