"How do I sell products on Facebook successfully?" Answered


Per campaign, if you’re confident with your funnel. $100 should generate at least one sale for you. You can spend as much as you want per day knowing this.

I’ll post something about how to spend and what to expect on my next posts. Stay tuned.


Thanks for the share!
Did you tried Facebook Offer Ads?


I haven’t! That’s something to test for sure. How about you?


Not yet. Asking cause it looks promising…


Hey Tasam

Ultimately you have to caliberate your testing to the budget you have allocated for testing.

You will want to test to find your winning creatives and thumbnails first. We personally use a 4 creative, 4 thumbnail structure.

We use a similar sequence of testing to 316Interactive (Creatives -> Copy -> Offer or Landing page. We have a campaign that’s meant for constantly testing for better performing creatives)

Your testing would have to depend on your objective (I’m guessing in your case winning ads = profitability)

If you can afford the testing budget, test with both more audiences and higher testing budget per adset. I.e. launch 20 adsets instead of 5 - 10, with a higher budget relative to your cost per puchase (cpp) threshold.

The general idea is to kill fast and scale

P.S. This doesn’t include the variables of your ad account such as if it’s new, or if you’ve gotten facebook AIDS