"How do I sell products on Facebook successfully?" Answered

Dear avid digital marketers,

As promised, I’m going to continue posting the missing pieces on how I build a FB empire for launching ads for my e-commerce stores.

Let’s start with the super basics and take it from there. It’s important to realize that Facebook is different than other platforms (such as Google)

When you’re running ads via Google, you are targeting specific keywords and paying per click. People are expecting to consume content based/buy the products of your keyword. When you’re running ads via Facebook, you’re interrupting somebody and hoping they will click and buy your stuff. The good news is Facebook makes it very convenient to find people that have an interest in your products via their filters.

Facebook advertising is very simple but requires patience and a testing budget. The best way to sell a product on Facebook is through a funnel.


Launch multiple campaigns:

With images & different ad text & headline. Keep all other variables the same. Ads should last at least 7 days each. The bigger the budget the better.

Record performance:

The images with the cheapest clicks wins. Make sure that your images are ALL unique. The more unique, the better.


Once you find your image winner.

Test multiple presell landing pages (ideally should have a continuity with the ad image)
Measure Click-through-rate (% of users clicking on your offer on your presell page)


Once you find your presell winner.

Test multiple offer pages (ideally have a continuity with the presell page)
Measure user signup % & Purchase %


Once you find all your winners:

Keep testing different images&presell LPs&offer pages similar to those that were your winners
your ads will funnel will always grow old so it’s vital to keep testing new things over and over so that your stuff always stays fresh


In the background, optimize other things like:

your presell & offer pages’ speed (it’s always better to have a custom HTML site because it loads faster)
use hotjar to record & analyze customer journey (but remove it afterwards since it could slow down your site)
analyze other data where you can optimize (gender, country, device, etc)

More to come on this soon. Questions? Let me know!


@tripleyourtribe Thanks for inviting @316Interactive there is much to learn here.


Don’t forget re-targeting pixel on your website.

If implemented correctly, It makes a huge difference.


100% that’s a must. Pixel should should always be installed


No problem @wortime I’ve been telling him about the good people and things I’ve seen on this forum for a while. I’m glad the FB category is getting filled now :grinning:


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Liking this thread so far.
Ok so I’m sure a lot of people reading this will start to think about getting that first $$ to invest in FB.
Ideally, driving ‘free’ traffic to get the first few sales in order to build the capital to reinvest would be the safest approach if you don’t have the spare capital to invest at the minute.

Those that have posted so far…
What are (/would be) your favorite ways to drive that initial traffic?


If played well, Facebook groups are gold mine.


Agreed @_MATT

The point of this post is to show you the proper method of selling products on Facebook. This is assuming that you already have a hot product to sell. The actual offer should by itself should be very much in demand. The process I laid out (how to sell the products on facebook) is to abide to consumer psychology and how to scale ads on Facebook.

If you’re managing to sell your products organically, then even better because you know you have something that people want. And to play it safe, you simply use to capital to invest in your marketing. This is the long term play though.

On the other hand, if you’re earning a salary and you want to quickly test the market. You can allocate % of your salary into FB ads and get quicker answers.

If you’re going with option B, it’s important to know how to properly conduct market research so that you don’t blindly test things. Ideally, you want to use proven models and innovate from there. Reverse engineer instead of reinventing the wheel!


yes, that’s another method to sell


For people that don’t want to spend on ads, that is a very good way to start and earn the necessary money to invest for ads.

There are very great groups that are very niche specific and very targeted.

People can even build email lists with groups and can sell to their subscribers later, over and over again :slight_smile:

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That’s great, I agree.
So if you were going to do some market research, how would you approach that?


I’ll write something about that on my next posts :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it :wink:


If we have short time to test, is it good to test all variables (images, text, headline, lander or even the product itself), and run all of ads at the same time?
The idea is so we don’t need to optimize more, just pick the winner and kill the other ads.

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  1. You need a good testing budget for each test.
  2. If you have limited amount of time, you can burn all your budget in a shorter time period but it’s always better to spread your spend
  3. Always start with testing your image, text & headline THEN your lander THEN your offer page.

Does that answer your question?


Zuck tried to sell to me. I blocked him. Is that a good strategy?


lol this is funny!

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Awesome, yes.
How much budget/ads/day you spent on testing?
for me its bare minimum, about $10 or something

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