How do I temporarily disable an account in Jarvee

This seems like a silly question but I can’t find an option for this anywhere.

Basically I want to disconnect an account from Jarvee for a few days. I can just delete the proxy but wondering if there is a setting for this specifically

Not sure if this is the answer, but:

Jarvee - tools (displays List of your accounts ) - switch of liking, commenting etc.

Just click it and it should disable it until you switch it back on.

all this seems to do is check the check box for the account but no other action

Sorry, try to go to Tools, my bad.

Switch of likes, comments etc.

You can disable every action that is there

im aware of this, i am wondering if there is a way to disconnect an account, essentially removing the “valid” status

All you need to do is go to “Social Profiles” and switch off the “Actions” button.
The status will change from “Valid” to “Stopped”.


awesome, thank you

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