How do people post same vid multiple times

@tdh3011 posts the same vids and get lots of views on all of them, when i tried they get 0 views.

That is probably some sort of shadow ban. You are trying to post exactly the same video multiple times?

yes and that acc @tdh3011 can get away with it

Same thing happened to my account. It reposted the same video multiple times, and they all had views, I had to remove them cause it made my account look spammy. If your account is new, i’d suggest you do manual follow/unfollow to get some followers first, then start posting.

Interesting… Did you use the same caption and hashtags each time you tried to post this video? And what about that other user, does he change these details?

Remove the metadata and save with a external program to make it fresh.

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How can you remove the metadata?

save with a program that does vid editing like inshot. it makes new video with new metadata

when a video gets 0 views on Tiktok it automatically means that they did not like it and what I mean by not like it is the algo figured that the video was posted multiple times with the same footprints which is obviously not allowed.

what you need to do is change a little bit in the video try to zoom in, or crop some parts then change the metadata as Alex said and see how it goes.