How do some people grow Youtube so fast?

When reading blogs, you always hear the same advice, good content, keep posting, tags and social media.

However, I am seeing some channels grow very fast and doing nothing special from the rest. For example, one guy only posted 12 videos and is two months old and has 9k subscribers with comments and views to boot.

I checked to see if he linked to other channels he owned, I could not find anything.
I checked to see if he had a big social media presence, he does not.
I checked the comments and they seem genuine.

Judging from all that, they must not be all that marketing savvy so I do not understand it.

Are they buying subs and views that look that authentic now?

Are they actually using Adsense or other ad platforms? I always thought I would take a loss but maybe the speed of Adsense views are making videos show on recommended content faster?

I tried to Youtube message some from an old Youtube handle to see if they would share their secret but of course, they did not. I am seeing a lot of people like this lately. How are they growing so fast?


Lots of possibilities, I’m guessing he’s got a popular YouTuber friend linking to his new account for starters, it seems logical. Another thought is hitting the front page in the category for his content and “going viral” as hard as that is these days, or just being featured enough to generate subs.

What type of content is he creating?

If you install this VidIQ plugin and view his channel you’ll be able to see some more stats for each video and possibly be able to figure out where his traffic is being generated:

If he’s partnered, another possibility is a link and growth exchange platform within that partner program. They exist, but they’re not really advertised for the obvious reasons. I’m a partner on one network and they do this, though to be honest it hasn’t helped with my content specifically, but for something like gaming,t ravel or “growth hacks” and that sort of stuff, it could generally help.


Bigest youtube channels are big because of dumb luck or passion.You won’t see any big channels because of “good seo”.
The more you think about it the more you will fail,it might sound like a cliche but you just have to start somewhere and be consistent.


That is what I thought but you would think he would also link back. I saw no signs of help unless it was a “favor”.

It is relaxation type videos. They are good but nothing special or new. I could see it growing popular overtime but that fast…

Could be but the comments do look genuine. You can tell when people are doing support groups because a lot of the comments are “Good Job” “Great Read”.

So you don’t think they are using targeted ads on Adsense? It can’t be Youtube because I never see anyone in that category using ads thus far.

I briefly looked at that app and will look further but how would they be able to get RANK as the plugin puts it (Related Videos, Search, and Recommended Videos) status so fast.

I just want to make sure that is it =). Some people have the secret sauce.

I want that dumb luck then!! But how can they go viral if they are barely doing social media?

Also, Youtube videos are very hard to go viral now on social media especially Facebook making the MP Group Poster not very effective. Ever since Facebook got in the video game, they try to ensure nobody clicks a YouTube.

I am just dumbfounded as they don’t even do the fundamentals nor do they look that savvy. That is why I am thinking “do they want me to think it is just luck”.

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Youtube is all about thumbnail,geting that first click.If you market on fb make sure you find the perfect thumbnail size for FB and post a link that sends people to youtube.
Check out MKBHD on fb to understand what i mean.
Also as a little experiment i got 100 suscribers/week on youtube just by messaging my followers on IG from one account and asking them to suscribe to my channel.Scale this up to 100 accounts sending 50 messages/each and thats 5000 messages/day.


Another thing to check is different social media channels. Sometimes you wonder how X is so big on network Y when they started one week ago and find that they have a ridiculous following on another network that they can leverage pretty easily.

Example: a fitness guy / gal with 100k real IG followers would not be seo-ing their videos when they can just promote them on IG and grow a channel with a few posts.

So many things come into factor that we can’t really work out how…

Click Bait
Traffic From Other Social Platforms
Suggested Videos/Autoplay
Youtube Drama
Trending Page
Viewers Sharing Page
Abusing Glitches in YT system, now and then there are errors some YouTubers take advantages of such as using the tags on popular videos in your video.
Consistency Of Uploads
Youtube SEO

and much More B.S


And you need a deep pocket. If you want to grow fast…

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But I checked their YouTube channel for all social media link backs. He had a personal Instagram with a few hundred followers that is it.

This is what I am trying to find out. Are YouTubers now taking a deep hit with Adsense and ShoutOuts in the beginning? I would think that would incur a loss but maybe a benefit long term? From the looks of it, these YouTubers are doing nothing special nor do they look to have top of the line equipment or content. They are not professional nor backed commercially, I can 100% tell you that.

That is what is bothering me so much. The comments, views, and subscribers all look to be authentic but it seems impossible to grow that fast organically without a secret.

That is why I am hoping you guys had a secret for Youtube like many of you share for other Social Media accounts. All blogs regurgitate the same BS. No blogger ever mentioned MassPlanner which I stumbled upon by accident.

My only thought is they are buying views so Youtube thinks they are good and puts them on Recommended or Featured content but I thought YouTube has become very good at detecting that sort of thing.


In reality, there is no secrets. You can also do this…if you want to increase views, subscriber and likes, comments in your first video…Use software…and don’t forget to use proxy… if you want your video in trending…your proxy should be from that country. It will costs you in first time but after that you are free.
We can create 100 channel per account. Create around 2000 channels from different account. You can use your friends accounts :smiley:… Put all of them in software and use spintext for generating comments automatically and seems it more natural.
Auto like and unlike from those of your channel and also subscribed yourself from those channel.
When your video will be in trending, real view,real sub,real comment and now chill :joy::joy::joy:


well i used to hit 20k+ (80k-90k the highest) views with out any
SEO or alternative engagement (like social media etc)
i just focused on the updates and whats new in the "game"
and uploaded them ASAP when the update was released
you gotta follow your niche 24 hours and make your videos authentic
and organized, hope that will help you make some bangin videos

just had all my acounts closed so now looking for new accounts

Look at this YT Channel - this content is unique and the guy is literally killing it:

No wonder he has 5 Mio. subs and growing so fast

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What network are you partnered with that does that I might want to join

deep pockets, money talks

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old post i know sorry what you are describing is called SUBSCRIPTION JACKING