How do the Instagram meme's makers make money?

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I remember some weeks/months back there was a guy who was basically ripping off other people’s “meme” content and posting it on Instagram and was making a lot of money.

I’m quite new to Instagram.

The only thing I am not sure about is how did this guy get money/paid?

Sponsors/advertising may be one route; but I’m hard pressed to understand how meme makers make money.

Can anyone elaborate this route?

Thank you for your patience.

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Well, all I can think of is:

  • Selling the page
  • Selling shoutouts
  • Generating traffic to a website (depending on the niche)
  • Creating a network of sub-pages with a more specific niche (unless you already have)

It very much depends on your audience.


There‘s one ultimate reason. Apps that pay you for every download done through your affiliate link. For every second download you get $1. A friend of mine did $1600 with 4K story views within a week. It’s not a long term strategy unless your Story’s go viral constantly

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the thing is the big ones often have many accounts besides just one. Shouts and giveways done to get money. Many create new accounts in the 6-7 figure numbers of followers and sell them. One group I know does gainz shouts for a huge fee to get followers for the account paying for it. Account A goes to a big million plus page with other members in the millions and pays a ton of money for a nightly shout.
Link placements in a big page is worth a lot if the page is right. Many also have e shops that they use the page to promote. These are the big ones – smaller ones are usually shouts –


Preach :raised_hands: This is also known as CPA for anyone who’s interested: cost per acquisition.

You drive the app downloads, you get paid per person that downloads the app with your link. If you find the right CPA network they’ll have lots of the top viral apps

E.g. when you see the story ad with a hoop and basketball and it says swipe up to score

Really easy to generate downloads for viral apps, especially with meme pages. Depending on how engaged your audience is you could start making $10+ a day with only 1,000 followers!

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hey, do you by any chance know how i can find advertisers who are willing to pay me if i advertise their game or app.etc