How do these bots do this?

I think everyone has noticed this kind of bots everywhere. It’s a thing that has been going on for months, if not for years. How do they always get top comment?


Basically, SMM providing comment likes

You order, they deliver

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Either SMM or private network of accounts (better option). There is a method behind this strategy. Also, almost all of them are doing deconstructed mother slave method here.

Most of such accounts are artists, fake investment gurus, or babes accounts with onlyfans or CPA links.

Example of D-MS setup for music artist:

Or, as @aman1809 mentioned, you can do that with your own account (riskier):

Example of comment:

Bot used:

Or use this top comment bot on many slaves (make top comments by commenting + mass mentions on new celeb content), custom one:


results (two top comments on @kyliejenner account):

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If you have a top comment bot then also you can do this,What I have observed is when you comment instantly on some big celeb or any big personality’s photo you start getting likes naturally anyway so either you use this,buy comment likes or use your own network of accounts with a script to do this which is anyways a private smm in short.

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thank you! I already have the same software as that rapper but we both don’t have the botted likes part, like the thot bots do. any SMM recommendations that deliver comment likes instantly? will be using SMM until I build my own network

you can create your own script for your network of accounts or you can use JV comment exchange (but it’s not fast enough).public SMM’s are too slow (as far as I tested) for such task. there are private tools used by few but they are expensive to avoid overusage and spam (provided example in screenshots). such unlimited licenses cost up to 1k for such tool (yeah, a lot, because results are insane, they do instant likes too on fresh posts)

1K a month you mean?

But @pow it looks super fake though? People really pay these amounts for services like this, even though it doesn’t look legit?

I mean the scripts and license are well worth it, but the quality of the engagements?!

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No, it’s unlimited license, one-time fee - you can use for life.

You put any comments you want. Yeah, in my screenshots comments are spammy-looking - but they work to get attention from kids and get $$ from CPA. Artists are sparking interest by saying something like: “drake is following me because he likes my music” - so people are intrigued to check our that artists slave acc - then visit main. You got to be creative with this method. I have thousands of methods, examples lol - if you need results, you need to be creative. If you’re simply leaving comments like: ‘hey check my page i post good content’ - nobody gives a f about you. if you write 'i’m releasing album with drake check out my unreleased song with him on my main" - then you on the right track

They can do any comments they want, legit or not, if they do spammy-looking comments - that means they work. Those people are SM agency owners mostly managing client accounts or affiliate managers, or those who do mass cpa

What do you mean? I didn’t get the point of your question. People only follow your page if they like your content if that’s what you’re asking. If you are asking about comments on you main from this method setup, then yeah you might get 1-2 negative comments like: 'bro u really work with drake?" - it’s just a drop in the ocean, you can always delete them. You can always go private before doing this method and then accept all requests (if many, with auto acceptor on main) for better results

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Now this make better sense. I can dig this.

To begin with I thought one paid a monthly fee and then you gained access to a panel and to unlimited services. I missed the top bot part.

The ones I have seen on IG seem very spammy and fakeish done with extreme low quality profiles, my comment wasn’t related to your input :slightly_smiling_face:. It was more generally.

But thank you for great explanation and demonstration.

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Where can I buy this?


Jarvee has the Like Comments tool, but this means that you would need to have a big number of accounts that would do this :slight_smile:

Would you mind telling me what software is this?

Also interested

jarvee suppose can do comment likes too right?

Yes, you can do that in Jarvee using the Like Comments tool. There’s also a feature to reply to the comment after liking it.

As you see on the screenshot this is a tool from a SMM-Panel called gofamenow. This is no magic. You can literally just buy custom comments on your fav SMM-Panel and after that buy comment-likes.

You also see on their website, they are selling “top-comments”. They give you top comment for 2 weeks for 45.99$.

If you want to reproduce that. Just buy each of your child-accounts the top-comment package and after that let it spam on famous posts.

yes, Jarvee has the Like comments tool for Instagram

Check this:

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Is that 1 single Top comment for 45.99 or multiple Top Comments (potentially hundreds of Top Comments on 1 account for 2 weeks) for 45.99?

If it’s the latter that sounds well worth the money if you’re dealing with a big client. But I’m wondering how will they scrape the child accounts comments automatically? How would it know which Top Comments to look for without me spending all day adding comment URL’s to gofamenow website

im using their old script which they are no longer selling. that one just comments first on new posts and nothing more(no likes included)