How do these FB viral video share business pages work?


There’s tons of em’

FB pages with millions of followers, views, shares comments…


all they do is re-post other viral videos they download and then upload to their FB page.

Each video gets tons of views, shares, comments, likes and its not even their own video…

There are thousands of these types of pages…

Take someone else viral video they find online… download it…water-mark it with their own logo and then upload it as theirs

How are they allowed to upload someone else’s content to their business page and its allowed?

Isn’t this illegal ?

Where are they getting all their videos?

Why isn’t anyone going after them?


Technically it is not allowed. However it’s pretty commonplace on Facebook and Instagram. The owner of the content can go after them to have the post removed but this is rare.


probably they take permission from content owner before posting the content, if not they are risking the page.


I doubt that they always get permission. Maybe Facebook turns a blind eye due to popularity decrease of this social network, until the issue gets in the spotlight.