How do we find most active Groups in Facebook?

i mean is there any method or a way to find most active and update Groups in such countries
France or spain or italy or Uk ?

i am looking for Whatsp / single / dating / snapchat / and mainly active Groups with High Number of users :stuck_out_tongue:

i am having trouble to find Facebook Groups.
anyone can help me get those groups easily

You can filter the groups MP extracts. I usually extract groups that has more than 1k members and less than 20k members as if the group has a lot of members, it’s most likely that it has been spammed to death.

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you can filter it with the number of members in the group but about location i dont think so i hope that someone else can help you and if the location filter is available 4 sure its going to be really useful

Also when you join your group, check the engagement - are there discussions, link posts, comments below them ? How many of those are relevant to the main topic of the group ? This will give you an insight, whether is actually a group full of spam, or people who really are interested.

about the targeting read this, it’s got a lot of good ideas on how to do it .

as for the engagement, I don’t think you can do this automatically, you actually have to check each group and see what posts there are, are they spammy or not, what is the quality, how much do members get away with, how often do they post, and so on. It will take some time, but you only have to do it once and you’ll have a list of good groups after that.

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the main question is how to find them ?
i spent all day hooking and searching on Deutsch Groups most are death and very afew are active…it s too complicated to find them although i typed all keywords but in vain.

Anyone Has list of German or switzerland or austria active Groups here ?

i think first you need to find what type of groups you looking for what your niche and use this keywords to find the groups and if you just looking for any active group in specific country you can just make any facebook account and add all your information from this country and then click groups discover u will find most popular groups in this country, i hope that is can help @Elliso

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i attempted it but does not work :slight_smile:
can you try it from your side and PM resulte if you managed to get list of german Groups, i would appreacite if U Do me this Favor dude.

thx for trying to help, i appreacite it

ok sure i will try it and let you know @Elliso

waiting for your reply dude :stuck_out_tongue:
thx a million

stil wayting :zombie: :smiley:

Find out numbers of members in a group to know about active group.