How do you auto comment to Facebook statuses (

I see people doing really great contest where there is an auto response link given to each comment. The replies are each unique as well and instantaneous. Does anyone know how to do this?

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That is not an auto comment function, they only show random Open Graph information each time the page is parsed by Facebook.

You can check this quickly here:

And using your browser looking at the source code like this:

You will notice the OG information changes each time you reload the page.

This is very ingenious and useful to catch some extra traffic. If you click on the domain they will wait for a second before they redirect you to the actual quizz page.

Does anyone knows how to do it ?

An auto comment managing is different from what you refer to. Usually they are apps that can be intalled on your PC Win/Mac. You can do settings for what type of comment you prefer and how frequent to remark, say Followinglike, all-in-one features plus free-version to go. Love it.

Maybe they use some apps or software to automate their comments. As far as I know, AdsPower Browser can provide such a function.