How do you become proficient at reading Jarvee values?

Hey guys, while using the jarvee ap I realize that my account ends up hitting follow block limits, is that because of a setting that I have too high. Or should I be reading my values better to fix those settings. If so how would I read the results from jarvee?

Can be multiple things. Tell us more! Proxies? How many actions per hour? What limits you are using? Age of the accounts? Link attached? Spam? You have some warm up period?


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First i’d like to thank you for taking your time to respond to me, I really appreciate the much needed assistance. I don’t currently have any proxies on the account yet. The account I have running on Jarvee right now is currently at 8.3k and it’s been active for about a month. I feel as if it should be at a higher following than it currently is now. I put the bot on cooldown this week so I could take a break to learn more about Jarvee and to wait for the follow blocking to be removed. These are my current follow settings for when I relaunch the bot

Before I was running following per day at 600 and unfollowing at 620 and likes at 640 everyday 24/7. Recently though when ever the account gets follow blocked it would only do around 10-30 follows per day or even less.


I sent you a PM