How do you choose affiliate program or adnetwork? share your opinion!

Since I have been doing affiliation long time I was wondering what makes you choose platform X and not platform Y
What are you looking on the companies?
Fast payments?
Good affiliate manager?
Direct offers only?
Willing to test adnetworks?

Please share all your opinions on how you choose company to work with and what are the most important things for you.

I will start
I am going direct mainly - depends on the vertical - casino / dating / sweeps / forex / cfds
Going direct cause I know what works for me, payments are less important for me, some work with me on net7 some on net 15 some one net 30, know that they will pay more and wont shave me.
I like the idea getting paid wire or btc with less fees and that whats important for me
I dont want to talk all day with affiliate manager and waste time , only speak business

The only case I will work with adnetowrk - which im doing now like los pallos is cause their smart links and weekly payments
The other case is crak revenue - weekly payments and shit a lot of offers to test - not smart links

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I’m not into affiliate marketing but I personally would choose the best products and the products which we’re prooven converting well. Another point is of course your knowledge for building the shop, content, etc around the product. But this can be learnd later, most important is product quality and popularity.


I agree with this.
Also super important to me is the experience of shopping, and easy payment. With our attention span being so small and everything going so fast. When people leave IG they want to keep that experience of things being fast and easy. Businesses are starting to understand the importance of this, consumers are getting used to good user experiences and notice it when they don’t get it more and more.

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