How do you choose your targets on Instagram for fast growing and high engagement?

Hi all
we all know that sources are playing a big role in our success i mean the accounts that you target to get their followers
some ppl started in the same day 2 acc one have 30k and one have 300k one have 2% engagement and the other have 10% they use the same settings and the only difference is that they use different target
so i wonder how do you choose the best target ? most of the time here we talk about user’s followers
do you analyse your target and see how many new followers they get per day ?
or the engagement rate of those ?
for me the only thing i consider is that the target has 500+ new followers per day and it give me at least 30% follow back i don’t know the engagement rate of those accounts that im using their followers and i have very bad engagement rate because sometimes i stop posting pictures for many days .
what about you ?

Yes, choosing the sources is one of the most important steps.

For example if you are going to target Billiard niche, it wouldn’t make sense to target a big billiard account because normal people may follow it for any possible reason you might think of.

But if you can dig deep until you find some accounts that no one will be following unless they are really interested in billiard ( billiards magazines, billiards stores … )


Before it was kinda difficult with MP since you needed lots of sources to achieve correct daily limits,and having lots of sources with different engagements is troublesome.Now you can just choose one very active account and follow everyone.I think the best indication of engagement are the comments.

pls help how can i find a good sources

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I have two tips for you:

  • find influencers in your nice with 5-50k followers and good engagement
  • find accounts which also use f/uf (which you can see in the history graph of followers), gain a good amount of followers per day and have good engagement

Reply to an old post but a goodie for sure. Thanks!

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Haha you’re right :smile: You’re welcome! And hopefully it helps @med_akli too

Source For ? :thinking:


heepsy looks amazing. Do you just use the free plan or is it worth it to upgrade? On the fence about upgrading to be able to filter by location

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I just used the free version. Sure, searching by location can be very helpful. For example when you have clients with local stores. Look what for fits your needs. :slight_smile: