How do you chose your targets?

I’m curious how do you guys set up your bots?!

Do you target tags and locations for scraping users? or just relevant accounts in you niche?

If you use locations, What locations do you usually target?

How do you pick the accounts and how are you 100% sure that their audience is going to like your content and follow you?

I’m asking because I’ve been using all 3 of them and honestly targeting similar/relevant accounts as mine hasn’t worked that well for me. I got more results from locations

I’m in the photography niche and I’m posting original content. Accounts i target are way bigger than mine and with more resources therefore they can travel the whole year and take pics constantly with expensive gear. My work is still cool but made with fewer resources. With examples it would be much easier to explain, but I hope you got the point.

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I encourage you to read more in the forum, A LOT more. Targeting and sources is the supreme discipline in this business and your question donesn’t have 1 single answer.

If you target by location or relevant hashtags/accounts really depends on your goal on Instagram. Do you offer your service locally or do you offer it online or do you want to just gain some social proof?

You can check accounts engagement and the gained followers in a graph to see if the target accounts also used follow/unfollow and how well the followers respond to it (Engagament). Also think about subniches. Is your photography content about something specific (for example wedding) then target this photography accounts or hashtags.

You can’t be 100% sure that’s why you have to test a lot of sources. That’s the only way to find it out for YOUR account and content.


It depends on each niche
In your situation (Photography) I would like to follow people who interact with:

  • Expensive Gear Shop
  • Weekly Photography Magazines
  • Photography contests
  • Photographers communications
  • People use unique Hashtags

    Just think you are them and which pages will you follow?
    Good luck

Thanks guys! I’ll try and see :wink:

you can try, she doesn’t bite you :wink:
Try “target”, “how to target”, “target instagram”, much more…

Wow! Thank you! Thank you for contributing with such a valuable content :clap: