How do you coordinate phone use vs Jarvee?

Apologies for the poorly written title. I was just not sure how to ask the question.

Essentially, how do you upload pictures / respond to comments manually from your phone? Do you turn off Jarvee? Or do you close the application while roaming and only connect to Instagram once you are connected to the same wifi network that your computer uses?

I ask because the AC I got happened just as I used both at the same time. I’m a bit paranoid about turning off J with wifi and then connected via mobile on the phone (i.e. two separate connections)

Don’t use instagram at all in your phone…Just use your personal profile which have nothing to do with automation.

Your business profile must be run in J and you don’t need to login again from phone…They have everything like upload photo, manual reply to comment and manual reply to DM as well…In case when you travel just use remote connection app like teamviewer in your phone+computer…

Don’t think like your computer will die because you’ve run that 24 hour…I’ve run my laptop many times for more than 100 hour…nothing happen when you’ve high resources.

But the issue is I tend to comment on all of my posts’ comments. I can’t do that with J unless I use the browser.

Also, I thought it was advised to carry out some of the actions manually if possible (e.g. posting). Is that not the case?

  1. You don’t need to use embedded browser…Just go to the manage comments module…There jarvee will load all comments in their own software from which you can like comments and reply to them manually…

  2. I do all of my posting through J only…They’ve advance future for reposting…I don’t see any problem at all.

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So, since I started using Jv. 6 months ago, I have my main account running there. Currently it is only posting, but I was doing other stuff for long time as well. I am running that account on my home residental IP. I, and my partner, ar at the same time logged in on that account on our personal phones. We both use 4g, access the account daily and travel a lot. We have never received any error mesaage for this account in all this time.

Now, this might be because the account is a business account and Instagram supposes that more people manage it. It could be because of a different thing, but in short, using it in Jv. and on my phone has never been an issue.

Thank you, I guess I’m just on edge with all these changes. Never had AC until now so just need to get used to it I guess

Agree to @YodaMaster don’t use it in phone and Jarvee at all ESPECIALLY if the account is new.

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In these difficult days, i would suggest to not use phone at all aswell … Jv or phone :slight_smile:

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