How do you create an instagram account?

Hello, I’m new here.
I have a problem creating an account.
How do you create an account? whether to use a phone number or email account?

It would help if you describe the problem you have.


i can’t create an account at instagram.

Why can’t you,what’s the problem?

Try to describe more in detail,you are talking totally in general which seems to be confusing!

are you using Jarvee to create the accounts or are you creating them manually?

You can use either phone number or email address. What is the issue exactly? If the newly created account gets disabled right away, you need to create a new account using a different IP/proxy. You may have created too many accounts using your current IP and IG doesn’t like it.

You can use both, depends on what suits you better. But, you should be able to use both. What happens when you try to create the account?

Are you saying that you are having problems when creating accounts manually or via Jarvee?

i create manually

yes, i always get disabled.

disabled account.

i creating manually